Upcoming Events

Events are designed to host community & business networking opportunities. Events can be by invitation only or we can create social networking events designed especially for you.


Salad Parties

Salad in a Jar: Bring 5 three quart wide mouth mason jars, three ingredients (3-4 cups of each, remember we are sharing), bring one salad dressing (the good stuff, no gluten and no or low sugar, organic if possible, homemade the BEST), I’ll provide organic lettuces (skipping the iceberg, again the good stuff).

Next events, Thursday, August 15th~ 7pm-8:30pm

Must register in advance, limited spacing. Contact me at Teresa@KaraFarmhouse.com

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Michiana retreats

Rest, Relax and Regroup Retreats. Over night slumber party, want to connect with friends and take time for yourself. Book your personal retreat, programs start at $149 each (includes lunch, dinner, wine tasting, evening gentle yoga meditation, morning flow yoga and beach walk & breakfast). Can accommodate up to 4-6 guests. Subscribe for Farmhouse News and information.


Wine & Dine networking

Let’s gather to network with both old and new friends. Our networking gatherings are by invitation only and include wine, dinner and collaborating with business associates. Attendees will be able to pitch their business to a small intimate group of attendees without any crossing over of category competition. We can also have these events for team building and individual groups. Sip delectable wines handpicked evening is a two hour by our Sommelier, Chloe, who will be there to present, describe and introduce you to the wines of the world, both old and new. Chloe. She is a trained and knowledgeable wine professional, who specializes in all aspects of wine service as well as wine and food pairing. Our next series is Summer Rose Paella Gathering $60 per person. Contact me for upcoming dates. Teresa@karafarmhouse.com

Look under community for other events and happenings around town.