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Below are the links to direct connect to my Juice Plus+ site for more information. I love that Juice Plus+ capsules are giving extra servings of fruits and vegetables, helping me achieve my 5-7 servings a day. Even I who eat a lot of fruits and vegetables still need this extra boost. Do you need more fruits and vegetables in your diet? Or how about your children, juice plus for kids is a great way to bridge the gap on fruits and vegetables (they have a gummy option too). I love plant based-whole food nutrition. Contact me if you’d like more information.

I’m so excited by my new Tower Garden, the link below gives you more information. Follow us on facebook Kara Farmhouse to watch the tower garden progress. The garden grows through Aeroponics and uses only 2% of water and 10% of space of a regular garden. It also yields up to 30% more and grows 3% faster than traditional gardens. Contact me if you want me to send you more information.

Institute of Integrative Nutrition schooling if you are someone you know is interested in finding out about IIN (the world’s largest nutrition school) I’m happy to share as an ambassador for the school. The link below will give you more information. It was absolutely life changing for me, ask me more.