I’m bringing HEALTHY back… what?

Let's talk about HEALTHY living.  Are you satisfied with your state of health?  Do you feel at your best?  Can one change really make a difference?  It really can, watch this video to see why I and so many others chose Juice Plus to be a part of their healthy living plan everyday!

Healthy living is about getting back to the basics. Everyone needs the nutritional foundation that comes from eating a diet rich in a variety of fruits, vegetables, and berries. Unfortunately, many people can’t or won’t eat the recommended servings every day.

That’s why so many of us use the Juice Plus+ products as a powerful way to take healthy back in one simple change.

For more information, please contact me to take your HEALTHY back and make One Simple Change.

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4th of July Safety
Children & Teens should always be supervised 
Buy only legal fireworks.  Look for the labels
DO NOT try to make your own fireworks
DO NOT try to shoot off fireworks out of your hands
Never use fireworks inside
Always store in a cold dry place.  
Always have water buckets on hand
Wear protective googles, especially those igniting the fireworks
Always shoot fireworks away from all objects
Never allow kids to pick up used fireworks
Know your local fireworks laws  

Fido and July 4th 
Dogs and fireworks are not a good combination…
Lavender Oil, Thunder Shirts, Calming Treats, CBD oil. 
Keep pets inside the home, if they are use to being crated and
feel this is their safe zone.  They might be more comfortable being crated. 
Make sure if your pets are outside to update their tags or chip information just in case.
Being home with your pet can make them more comfortable as well.
Other things to calm down Fido, playing music, distracting with TV (especially dog tv), Use toys and treats to distract them. For extreme cases consider contacting your vet for medications to alleviate the stress. 

Why Juice Plus?

Healthy living used to be easy. We would eat food from the garden, drink from the water hose, and play until the sun went down. Somewhere along the line, living a healthy lifestyle became complicated…and we are on a mission to take healthy back!

What is the Healthy Living Revolution? We are a massive movement of people on a mission to inspire others to take ownership of their own health journey. We provide resources to support you on your journey, community and events to encourage and educate you, a simple way to flood your body with 45 fruits, vegetables, and berries every day, and a jump-start program for when you’re really ready to shed the unhealthy habits that are not serving you and establish new ones.

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