Let’s talk about it…. lose the clutter

January is all about getting ready for a successful year. 2019 arrived, are you ready? Do you have your plan for the year? What was on your resolution list? For me it was getting organized and removing the clutter. Clutter to me is like noise. It’s a noisy world on it’s own I don’t need extra noise, how can I reduced the noise? Here’s one of the main things to consider when you know you need to organize, take it in chunks (good tip for all your to do lists). If you get wrapped up on “everything” you need to do, you likely get nothing accomplished. Break it down into achievable tasks and make it happen. I decided to start with the bedroom, it’s suppose to be your sanctuary of calm and relaxing.

Tip #1. Keeping your bedroom clutter free. Don’t get overloaded with Nick-knacks. And no piles of clothing.

Tip #2. Change the color of your bedroom, this is not where you want the bold in your life, go for calming.

Tip #3. Lavender, I love the smell of Lavender. (proven to lower heart rate, blood pressure and stress levels)

Tip #4 Add a fresh plant to the room, this can replace tip #3 if you aren’t a lavender gal like me.

Top bedroom plants: jasmine, spider plants, snake plant (mother in laws tongue) aloe vera, valerian, english ivy, peace lily, bamboo palm, gerbera daisies or golden pothos.

Tip #5 Purge if you need too (good policy: one in and one out)

Tip #6 Keep it clean.

Does any of this sound good to you? Remember my motto, one simple change, it all starts there!

Remember me mentioning the take it in chunks, this is so important with your daily tasks list. Yep, I’m a list girl. Without a list it won’t get done. Take it in chunks and the biggest advice is to do the big things first. If you don’t you’ll never get to the other things. Have you ever noticed on that to do list, the little things happen and the big things never move off the list?

I hope you can take one simply change here and make it work for you.

As always inspired by you…