I’m bringing HEALTHY back… what?

Let's talk about HEALTHY living.  Are you satisfied with your state of health?  Do you feel at your best?  Can one change really make a difference?  It really can, watch this video to see why I and so many others chose Juice Plus to be a part of their healthy living plan everyday!

Healthy living is about getting back to the basics. Everyone needs the nutritional foundation that comes from eating a diet rich in a variety of fruits, vegetables, and berries. Unfortunately, many people can’t or won’t eat the recommended servings every day.

That’s why so many of us use the Juice Plus+ products as a powerful way to take healthy back in one simple change.

For more information, please contact me to take your HEALTHY back and make One Simple Change.

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4th of July Safety
Children & Teens should always be supervised 
Buy only legal fireworks.  Look for the labels
DO NOT try to make your own fireworks
DO NOT try to shoot off fireworks out of your hands
Never use fireworks inside
Always store in a cold dry place.  
Always have water buckets on hand
Wear protective googles, especially those igniting the fireworks
Always shoot fireworks away from all objects
Never allow kids to pick up used fireworks
Know your local fireworks laws  

Fido and July 4th 
Dogs and fireworks are not a good combination…
Lavender Oil, Thunder Shirts, Calming Treats, CBD oil. 
Keep pets inside the home, if they are use to being crated and
feel this is their safe zone.  They might be more comfortable being crated. 
Make sure if your pets are outside to update their tags or chip information just in case.
Being home with your pet can make them more comfortable as well.
Other things to calm down Fido, playing music, distracting with TV (especially dog tv), Use toys and treats to distract them. For extreme cases consider contacting your vet for medications to alleviate the stress. 

Why Juice Plus?

Healthy living used to be easy. We would eat food from the garden, drink from the water hose, and play until the sun went down. Somewhere along the line, living a healthy lifestyle became complicated…and we are on a mission to take healthy back!

What is the Healthy Living Revolution? We are a massive movement of people on a mission to inspire others to take ownership of their own health journey. We provide resources to support you on your journey, community and events to encourage and educate you, a simple way to flood your body with 45 fruits, vegetables, and berries every day, and a jump-start program for when you’re really ready to shed the unhealthy habits that are not serving you and establish new ones.

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In Season

Where good things grow!

Where good things grow!

I love eating fresh fruits and vegetables, especially when in season. I’m a Midwest girl, hard to get me on board all year round with raw foods (especially with my love for warm comfort foods ~ this past winter was a bit brutal!).  But summer is coming so let’s try to eat some healthy, fresh, whole foods.  There are Farmers Markets popping up every day so there’s no excuse to not have the freshest products on your table tonight.
Can eating healthy fruits and vegetables really be called a “DIET”?  Here is my thought:

nutrition vegetable image.jpg

And really do you believe some of the crazy things out there like eat high fats will make you lose weight?  A lot of these diets are meant to be used because of specific health conditions and are not long-term solutions.  What I believe is eating whole foods, from nature the way it is intended.  I’m bringing this up now because it’s the best time of the year to give it a try. 

Start with a Reset
The best way to make a change is by hitting the reset button.  This works with computers as well as relationships (trust me on that one!!) … it also works with your body.  A proper Reset will help get rid of your brain fog, gut issues, laziness and give you a new Energy level you haven’t felt in years!     
This means temporarily avoiding some of the things you may love.   Caffeine, Dairy, Meats, Carbs/Gluten, Refined Sugars, Alcohol and processed foods…. Does this sound like it’s impossible?  Give me a week and I’ll change your mind!  (Read some of my testimonials on my website to hear how others have benefited by doing a Reset). 

Looking for a Detox

Or if you’re looking for a Detox, my friend Kim Lo Bianco who is a Regenerative Detoxification Specialist.  She is having a Detoxification Workshop on June 18th and June 27th at La Vie Vintage.  Kim gave me this newspaper article copy from 1898 (see bottom of page for article) talking about a FRUIT DIET… the more I learn the more I return to how we treated things a long time ago… how interesting is this?

allergies cottage.jpg


These foods help reduce allergies and their symptoms.
Citrus Fruits
Local Honey
Red Grapes

Coming soon…


Summer Paella Networking Event

Kara Farmhouse members will be invited to participate in our Summer Networking Event. We will pair a Paella dinner with a variety of Rose wines for tasting from our sommelier, Chole. Stay tuned for more details!


It's All About the Beans

Let’s face it, to be healthy your diet should be mostly fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts and seeds

Creamy cannellinis, meaty garbanzos, sweet adzuki, tender pintos, and so many more—beans are one of the most powerful, nutrient-dense plant foods around.

Consider this: Beans are packed with tons of fiber, as well as plenty of iron and protein. They are rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients. They are low in calories.

Plus, studies have found them to lower risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes.

What To Do With Beans

Many people avoid beans because they just don’t know what to do with them. Are you one of them? Keep reading:

·       Toss beans and diced veggies (such as celery, shallots, red peppers) with vinaigrette for a quick bean salad.

·       Blend cooked beans with tomatoes, onions, and your favorite seasonings to create a yummy bean soup.

·       Top a green salad with 1/3 cup of your favorite bean.

·       Puree beans with a bit of olive oil, a garlic clove, salt, and your favorite seasonings. Voila! A fast dip or sandwich spread.

·       Include 1/3 cup of beans with your other favorite toppings next time you make stuffed baked potatoes or sweet potatoes.

·       Add 1/4 cup pureed beans to your favorite pancake, waffle, muffin, or cake recipe. You’ll be surprised at how moist and springy baked goods are when baked with beans.

If you’re new to cooking with beans, try these tips for delicious and well-cooked beans.

·       Be sure to wash and clean the beans first.

·       Soak dried beans for 8-12 hours before cooking (hint: cut a bean in half; if the center is still opaque, keep soaking).

·       After soaking, rinse, fill pot with fresh water, bring to a boil, then skim off the foam.

·       To aid digestion, add kombu, bay leaf, cumin, anise, or fennel to the water

·       Cover and simmer for the suggested time.

·       Remember: Only add salt at the end of cooking (about 10 minutes before the beans are done) or it will interfere with the cooking process.

·       Quick tips: For speedier prep, boil dried beans for 5 minutes, then soak for 2-4 hours. Or use canned beans instead (some people find them even easier to digest!).  Be sure to avoid canned beans with added salt or preservatives and rinse thoroughly once removed from the can.


Would you like help learning how to choose and cook healthy foods like beans? Curious about how health coaching can help you make your own healthy changes? Let’s talk! Schedule an initial complimentary consultation with me today or pass this offer on to someone you care about!


I received my training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where I learned about more than one hundred dietary theories and studied a variety of practical lifestyle coaching methods. Drawing on this knowledge, I will help you create a completely personalized “roadmap to health” that suits your unique body, lifestyle, preferences, and goals.

Learn more about my training and my unique approach to health coaching.

Inspired by you….



Skip to the Beat - Heart Health

This month the focus will be around heart health “Skip to the Beat” with Valentine’s Day right around the corner. This topic of heart health, like many other health topics, revolves around the most important aspect of nutrition - diet.  Heart health focuses on anti-inflammatory diets (one of my favorite topics!, and it isn’t just for heart health) and it gets right to the core of my beliefs: we all should limit our Meat, Dairy, Refine Sugars, Processed Foods and Caffeine while increasing your intake of whole foods (or at the very least make quality choices). 

Let’s jump right in!  I don’t believe in going after a strict diet or eliminating everything from the beginning.  Instead my approach is to add one simply healthy change at a time.   By adding one change, you will automatically start to crowd out other bad choices.  Here are some examples of what you can start doing today:

Cleaning up the diet by eating more:

·       Dark Chocolate (70% or higher cacao)

·       Berries (especially blue berries)

·       Green Tea

·       Whole Grains

·       Leafy Greens (kale, collard greens, spinach)

·       Cauliflower, Asparagus

·       Chia seeds (more fun facts coming on this Super Food), Flaxseed

·       More Garlic (quick tip:  I double or triple the garlic in my recipes)

·       Olive Oils

·       Omega 3’s like salmon, sardines, mackerel and tuna (choose sustainable choices and low mercury options).  Ask me about Juice Plus’s new Omega 3, plant based capsules

All of these are good for you (some in moderation), but yes these “do a body good” and can help reduce the risks of Heart Disease.  Watch for more information in Bat, Crap, Crazy regarding studies on longevity and what these people are eating.

Crowding out the bad:

·       Refined sugars

·       Processed foods (white breads, pastas, crackers and cookies)

·       Soda pop

·       Fruit juices

These items you don’t need in your diet and are empty nutritionally giving you extra calories (actual makes you feel hungry and you’ll likely eat more)


Exercise / Stress Management:

·       Commit to 3 times a week 30 minutes of walking (start shorter if you need too)

·       Take a break, walk away, go outside for a 5 minute walk to reset

·       Consider a yoga or meditation class (this helps me sleep)

·       Spend time with friends and family that support you and your goals

·       Make sure you develop your own tribe to go out have fun, laugh, cry and share - we are people who need connection. Find your person or people to connect with and confide in 

Fun tip from Dr. Oz:  Take your height and divided by 2, this is a rough guide to see how you are doing on your belly fat.  Now measure the thickest part of your waist, hopefully it’s lower than that number.  In my case, I’m 5’ 2” so divided by 2, my waist size should be 31” inches or less (at the thickest point).  Don’t try to fool yourself with a “fake” waist size 😊.

Sleep Better:

·       How is your sleep?  Do you get at least 7-8 hours of solid sleep each night?

·       Sleeping is key to good health and weight.

·       Calcium develops in the arteries if you don’t get the right amount of sleep and is an early sign of heart disease.

Advice we already know:

·       Quit Smoking if you can (maybe cut back if you can’t fully quit)

·       Cut your salt intake

·       Limit your alcohol

·       Consume Zero trans fats

·       Cut Saturated Fats (meat/dairy)

What I love about nutrition is the impact on our overall health.  I believe in using whole real foods to help heal our bodies.  I want to know what goes into my body and the cause and effect.  Whatever we put in our body is either creating good healthy bacteria or helping bad unhealthy bacteria to grow. Remember, that one simple change starts you on the way to a healthier YOU!

Now keep in mind this is all about progress, not perfection.  This month I will be posting tips and advice with recipes all aimed at Heart Health by lowering blood pressure and using more Antioxidants.  Let’s do this together and make a difference with one simple change.  Now it’s up to you.  If this is just too much for you, contact me on how I can be a coach for you to put this in motion.  My job is to make it easy for you to focus on the steps to get you to a more energized healthier version of you.  Let’s work together and I’ll help you reach your goals. 

Maybe your one simple change could be an annual check-up.  When is the last time you saw the Doc?  It is really a good idea to keep everything in check.  This includes an annual eye exam, dental cleaning and exam as well as the other required check-up appointments necessary annually.

Now remember,  these are my views and I always advise you check with your healthcare professional before making major dietary changes.  I look forward to helping you become the best version of YOU! 

Contact me for further information.  Watch Facebook and Instagram for updates and healthy recipes are always added on my Pinterest Page. 


Inspired by you…


Let’s talk about it…. lose the clutter

January is all about getting ready for a successful year. 2019 arrived, are you ready? Do you have your plan for the year? What was on your resolution list? For me it was getting organized and removing the clutter. Clutter to me is like noise. It’s a noisy world on it’s own I don’t need extra noise, how can I reduced the noise? Here’s one of the main things to consider when you know you need to organize, take it in chunks (good tip for all your to do lists). If you get wrapped up on “everything” you need to do, you likely get nothing accomplished. Break it down into achievable tasks and make it happen. I decided to start with the bedroom, it’s suppose to be your sanctuary of calm and relaxing.

Tip #1. Keeping your bedroom clutter free. Don’t get overloaded with Nick-knacks. And no piles of clothing.

Tip #2. Change the color of your bedroom, this is not where you want the bold in your life, go for calming.

Tip #3. Lavender, I love the smell of Lavender. (proven to lower heart rate, blood pressure and stress levels)

Tip #4 Add a fresh plant to the room, this can replace tip #3 if you aren’t a lavender gal like me.

Top bedroom plants: jasmine, spider plants, snake plant (mother in laws tongue) aloe vera, valerian, english ivy, peace lily, bamboo palm, gerbera daisies or golden pothos.

Tip #5 Purge if you need too (good policy: one in and one out)

Tip #6 Keep it clean.

Does any of this sound good to you? Remember my motto, one simple change, it all starts there!

Remember me mentioning the take it in chunks, this is so important with your daily tasks list. Yep, I’m a list girl. Without a list it won’t get done. Take it in chunks and the biggest advice is to do the big things first. If you don’t you’ll never get to the other things. Have you ever noticed on that to do list, the little things happen and the big things never move off the list?

I hope you can take one simply change here and make it work for you.

As always inspired by you…